While we don’t tend to read too much into numerology or the genesis of numbers, we do appreciate what is said about the number nine and its representation of togetherness — a key value here at Redpoint.

The genesis of our investing together also traces back to a 9; 1999 to be more specific. From the earliest days of Redpoint back in 1999, we’ve been eager and excited about the importance of the early building days—to help founders and teams reshape the ways we work, live, and build.

Our Early funds focus primarily on seed, Series A and Series B investments (and our Growth funds invest at B and beyond), and all of the Early team’s General Partners are former founders and operators who are both passionate about and skilled at building long lasting companies.

“We're at a really remarkable time in Redpoint’s journey and feel fortunate to have great momentum in how we invest and operate as a team. Some of the most iconic businesses in past decades have been built during tumultuous economic times and we are very actively looking to partner with these go-getter entrepreneurs. ” noted Annie Kadavy.

As we’ve seen more opportunities to work with teams in the earliest stages of their climbs, our Early team has grown over the past few years. New faces added to the team over the last year include Erica Brescia, who joined in January from GitHub where she was a COO and previously was co-founder of Bitnami; and Meera Clark and Jordan Segall, both who are very talented up-and-coming investors and joined as Principals. “This is the strongest team Redpoint has ever had and we've put our operational experience to work inside of Redpoint as well. We've built out our founder experience team that is tailor made for helping founders with hiring, marketing, content, business development and navigating their early go to market motion. We believe this is critical to winning the right to partner with the best entrepreneurs building today,” added Alex Bard.

In another highlight: Redpoint’s only incubated-founder-turned-investor, Satish Dharmaraj, was also once again named to the Forbes’ Midas List, along with Scott Raney and Elliot Geidt from our Early-Growth Team.

Our Ninth Fund: 20 Years and Beyond

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised our ninth early fund, a $650M vehicle to continue our commitment to investing in and supporting the great and daring founders of today and tomorrow. With the addition of the new fund, Redpoint has raised funds totaling $7.2B, having made more than 578 investments, and seen more than 181 exits.

We’ve had the great privilege to partner with folks such as Snowflake, Stripe, Hashi, NuBank, Twilio and many more from the very beginnings of their build phase, and it’s been gratifying to see small teams turn into giants that have transformed their industries for the better. In 2021 alone, we saw exciting validation come in the form of IPOs for Nubank, HashiCorp, SentinelOne, ThredUP, hims & hers, Nextdoor and Bright Health. The year also saw plenty of Redpoint-backed companies join forces with major strategics, with Kustomer acquired by Meta; StackRox acquired by Red Hat; and Lightstep acquired by ServiceNow.

We continue to feel extremely fortunate to back the people who are building our collective future. Entrepreneurs and builders—whether you’re just getting started, or much further along, we’d love to meet you!

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