Today, I’m launching a new content collection on Substack under The Conscious Consumer brand. As I bid farewell (for now) to Medium, I hope you’ll join me at my new home!

As many of you know, I made the move earlier this year over to Redpoint Ventures. At Redpoint, we’ve been fortunate to partner with the likes of DraftKings, Guild, Hims, Netflix, Nextdoor, Nubank, and Whatnot, among other category defining consumer companies, over the years. Suffice to say, people are our passion.

When it comes to empowering people to live their best lives – physically, financially, emotionally, culturally, residentially, and commercially – we find ourselves at a consequential inflection: the establishment of a new “new normal” that is likely to define the coming years. What consumers are craving appears to be changing, and this introspection has left many millions rethinking their motivations, relationships, behaviors, and consumption habits. Whether they are actively seeking closer interpersonal relationships or a greater sense of impact and purpose, consumers today are invigorated by a contagious spirit of curiosity and compassion. And we’re witnessing a thread of these inclinations emerging across all areas of their personal and professional lives.

As we as a fund continue to explore this evolving cultural conversation, I’m excited to launch The Conscious Consumer,a content collection on Substack dedicated to passion, purpose, and people. While today you’ll find a few of my previously published posts from Medium there, moving forward I’ll be sharing our latest and greatest theses, market maps, economic updates, and more.

If this sounds up your alley, please join me in subscribing for what will hopefully be both a wacky and wonderful journey ahead!

Meera Clark
Meera Clark
Empowering consumers to live their best lives @ Redpoint • Previously, Obvious x Morgan Stanley x Stanford.

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