The magic and curse of living in the Bay Area with a snow globe view into the lives of the elite is just how easy it is to adopt objectively irrational expectations. From house managers who coordinate electrician visits as soon as an issue arises to party planners who know just how to make a 3-year-old birthday girl squeal with glee, “concierge culture” has emerged in many neighborhoods up and down 280 as a generally accepted norm.

These pampered consumers with the luxury of almost infinite choice no longer settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they seek out brands, providers, and experiences that both cater to their unique preferences and proactively anticipate their needs. But what about the rest of us? Having opened Pandora’s Box of awareness, might we too dream of a world where emotionally intelligent, observant, and proactive concierges emerge to offer us similarly tailored experiences at a price point we can afford?

AI as the Ultimate Enabler

As discriminating consumers increasingly crave authenticity, individuality, and automation across every aspect of consumption, AI has the potential to democratize concierge culture at scale, anticipating consumers’ needs, preferences, and desires before they’re even aware of them. Imagine a world where AI algorithms analyze past purchases, browsing history, social media activity, and even location data to paint a comprehensive picture of one’s preferences. This data, combined with real-time information like weather forecasts, upcoming events, and who you’ve been spending time with, can be used to create hyper-personalized experiences across every aspect of life that rival the bespoke recommendations afforded by the rich. Furthermore, unlike engagement with one-time service providers, engagement with these personalization platforms offer longitudinal, data-driven reinforcement learning, strengthening both consumer relevance and the underlying data moats. Over time, the bigger they become, the better they will get. In this incoming era of always-on AI assistants, the emergence of larger and stickier consumer super apps appears all but guaranteed.

Souped Up Super Apps

In a new normal where consumption shifts from discreet searches and asks to ongoing inspiration and offers, consumer platforms and brands will continuously curate their messaging and offerings to most effectively meet consumers where they are emotionally, financially, and intentionally. As we envision AI’s expanding influence in the years to come, we’re continuing to explore the following areas as potential categories for concierge-ization and super app scaffolding.

…and we strongly suspect that this list is only scratching the surface!

From our vantage point today, we can say with a high degree of certainty that the future is personalized – and it's only just beginning. AI-enabled awareness will transform how consumers navigate the world around them, from how they manage their homes and finances to how they plan their travel and events. Who knows, a Kardashian style holiday party or home just might be coming to a neighborhood near you (and at a fraction of the price!).

If you’re as excited about AI’s role in democratizing concierge culture as we are, we’d love to hear from you. Subscribe to this Substack or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter for more.

Meera Clark
Meera Clark
Empowering consumers to live their best lives @ Redpoint • Previously, Obvious x Morgan Stanley x Stanford.

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