Travis Bryant

Sales Leadership

What is your favorite part about working with our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs?

It’s impossible not to be infected by the enthusiasm and optimism a founding team has for why their idea should exist on the planet, and recognize the level of responsibility that you have in helping them see that idea through. It’s an absurd privilege to be in the position to support companies on that journey, as well as be stoked on knowing them back when it was just the “indie” band playing in small clubs before they hit the stadiums.

How do you view your role with portfolio companies?

My team is responsible for ensuring that every interaction a Founder has with the firm is world-class. We can differentiate ourselves not just by our track record and previous investments, but by the feeling and value a Founder gets in every touchpoint. From the first time they learn about the firm, through the first meeting, through joining the portfolio and beyond, a Founder should feel like we’re easy to work with, have appropriate specific insight, and are committed to bringing their idea to life.

What is one thing you wish more startup founders thought about earlier in their journey?

Most founders that I’ve met with start a company because they have a burning unique insight that they can’t ignore, and are compelled to bring that insight to the world to have the biggest impact possible. The 2nd part of that equation is a deep introspection as to who and why that insight is relevant to a set of humans (and companies), and why they can’t live without it. The upfront work on identifying the ideal customer, and the discipline that comes from sticking to that identification makes all the downstream decisions about go-to-market investments much easier to answer.

Favorite quote or saying?

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
- Winston Churchill

First concert you went to or band you saw live?

Despite the utter embarrassment of being dropped off at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre by my mom, seeing the Ramones and Sublime at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 1995 was formative to my musical education.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

A career path almost taken post-college was joining a Club Med resort as a trapeze instructor. Buzz me if you want to head to SF Circus Center!

Favorite thing about San Francisco?

The nooks and crannies: Ina Coolbrith Park. Belden Place. Battery Cranston.

What is your favorite hobby/outside of venture, how do you spend your time?

The real full-time job is being a capable parent to Finn. My fear of “dad bod” leads me to runs in the Presidio and Hawk Hill bombs on my road bike.

What makes Redpoint unique?

Redpoint’s combination of high-IQ and low-ego feels very special to me. Everyone is genuinely motivated by working with founders and companies to maximize their potential, and their backgrounds in founding or operating roles make that help more useful and practical.

I joined Redpoint because I wanted to…

Build a framework for how we create the best experience in working with a venture firm, along with the internal operation and data layers to enable that.

The best part of my job is….

Seeing our companies win. Adding talent, winning customers, and dominating markets.

Who is your favorite author?

I admire Michael Lewis’s ability to break down highly sophisticated and arcane topics into language that a layman can understand.

Favorite Twitter handle?

@dog_feelings for optimism. @theonion for snark.

If you could play a sport/ take a road trip with anyone, who would it be?

I suppose the obvious thing to do with Steve Kerr would be to play hoops, but his laughter would haunt my dreams so I’d rather trap him in a car for hours and pepper him with questions.

What is the best trip you’ve taken and why?

I’m always stoked to find under the radar places in plain sight. Taking an Escape Campervan to King’s Canyon National Park felt like going back in time: printed hiking trails at the visitor center, no mobile service, and Yosemite grandeur without the crowds. It helped that my wife and I decided to get married on that trip, too.

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