John Walecka

Partner & Co-Founder

John loves product innovation and design. He co-founded Redpoint in 1999 and continues to work with companies exploring new consumer and business applications of enterprise software. He has been involved with a host of category leading companies including Agile Networks, Avnera, Documentum, Fortinet, Lastline, Lightera, Moogsoft, Snowflake Computing, Sybase, Synernetics, Wellfleet Communications and Xylan, among others.

Combining his passions for music, sports and technology, John recently founded a startup in the music learning space and serves as a product contributor to a mobile sports app currently in stealth.

In addition to working as an advisor to the Dean of Engineering at Stanford University, John is a Trustee of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In 2010, John joined the new ownership group of the Golden State Warriors and was on the Board of Directors in 2015.

He graduated from Stanford University with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Engineering and an MBA.

In addition to playing piano and learning to play the guitar, John dedicates his time to working on a mobile music app for aspiring rockers.

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