Annie Kadavy

Managing Director

Best learning as a founder?

Build with future scalability in mind from the beginning. I have learned from both failing and succeeding at this as an operator and investor.

What’s one piece of advice you tell your portfolio companies when it comes to hiring?

Building your company is really about building your team. Identify your weaknesses as an early team and individual — then, hire for those traits and roles.

I get excited by companies where the founders….

Have an earned perspective about the problem they are solving and have the tenacity to go big.

Favorite quote or saying?

Smart people learn from their mistakes; really smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.

Meditation or yoga?

Yoga is my meditation - I’m actually a certified yoga teacher. It’s a practice, and I think can teach us a lot about company building too as it can take years of dedication to see results and is better with friends and a good soundtrack.

I joined Redpoint because I …

Wanted to spend all of my time with entrepreneurs who are building our collective future and get to play a small supporting role to that. I joined Redpoint specifically because I wanted to be part of a team day-to-day who bring diverse perspectives but are values-aligned.

What is the best trip you’ve taken and why?

The first time I traveled outside the U.S. was after college. That trip to Europe—sleeping in hostel bunk rooms, doing laundry in the sink and subsisting off bread and salami sandwiches—inspired me to spend every spare minute and dollar I could in my twenties to see the world. That, in turn, gave me perspective I still think about on how we are all far more similar than different.

What job would you be doing if you were not a VC?

An executive coach and a real estate agent. I am motivated and fulfilled by helping people achieve their best and have a lifelong affinity for open houses.

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