Reinvention at Redpoint

Welcome to Ryan Sarver and Jamie Davidson, and Congrats to Tomasz Tunguz

Today, we’re welcoming two new partners and a senior associate to the Redpoint team. We’re thrilled to promote Tomasz Tunguz to Partner and are excited to bring Ryan Sarver on board as a Partner. Lastly, we’re welcoming Jamie Davidson to the team as a Senior Associate. All three have an invaluable mix of experience in the most important emerging trends in the consumer Internet, and are part of our continued work to evolve to meet the demands of a changed investing landscape.

Since we founded Redpoint in 1999, we have been focused on supporting exceptional founders with industry defining visions. Fourteen years, 375 investments and 120 IPOs & M&As later our approach on zeroing in on the industry’s boldest and brightest founders and supporting them as a team has stayed constant. It’s paid off – companies that defined markets like Netflix, HomeAway, Heroku, Fortinet and Juniper are all part of our history. And we’re proud to back some of the market’s most promising and innovative teams at companies including Sonos, Twilio, Stripe, Infer and Curious today.

Over the past few years, the business we’re in has changed. The markets have become broader, successful founders are discovered in new and unexpected places (and are often first timers), and the pace of innovation is faster than ever. All of this means the old way we invested, with a small, proven team applying decades of experience and a tight-knit network isn’t all it takes to discover the next set of revolutionary companies. We need more coverage, more direct experience with the latest trends and more perspectives.

This is the reason that as we continue investing with our latest early stage fund, Redpoint V, it’s come time for us to grow our Partner team again. By combining our established Partners — who have done hundreds of deals and learned the lessons only decades of experience can provide — with a new set of Partners that bring direct experience at some of the industry’s most influential technology trends today, we can bring startup founders a unique mix of investment insights with an understanding of what it takes to go from bold startup to successful exit.

Our new partners

We apply the same diligence to bringing new members on board that we do in reviewing potential investments – and we’re confident that Ryan and Tomasz will be successful new members of our team. Ryan joins us after running Twitter’s platform and Tomasz has been a Principal at Redpoint for three years – proving himself as an advisor to recent investments like Looker, ERPLY, Electric Imp and Axial Market. Both Ryan and Tomasz will bolster Redpoint’s work to identify and support standout founders and startups working in the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile services and social platforms. In addition to Tomasz and Ryan, we’re also bringing Jamie Davidson (formerly VP Product at Hotel Tonight) on board as a Senior Associate.

Tomasz, Ryan and Jamie will focus on investments along the following categories:

* Sarver: social applications and platforms, SaaS

* Tunguz: marketplaces, SaaS, analytics

* Davidson: mobile-first applications

As we continue to grow and evolve Redpoint, we’re looking forward to supporting the next generation of founders and are excited to promote Tomasz and welcome Ryan and Jamie to the team.