Redpoint’s investment in Sonos

Today we are proud to be investors in Sonos. This investment marks a moment as investors that is so satisfying – when we get to invest in a product that we have enjoyed for many years.  While doing the investment, we took an inventory of the Sonos equipment that the Redpoint partners owned. The resulting list was very long and conclusive and it became clear that Sonos is a product we all use every day. It fills our souls with music and happiness.  Plus, if you add music to gadgets – how can that ever go wrong?

There are many compelling reasons why we believe Sonos is creating a revolution in the market.  More and more people are streaming music from Spotify, Pandora and other music services. Today everyone wants to listen to music on-demand, anytime and anyplace.  This desire for on-demand music is going to be taken for granted as the next generation grows up.  Delivering on this promise, and doing it in a way that everyone can afford and easily set it up, is the vision behind Sonos. And they deliver on this vision very elegantly.  

I still remember when I setup my first Sonos system. I had already told my wife that I was going to be unavailable for the entire weekend because I expected to be mired in tech/setup issues for the weekend  (as is typical of most consumer electronics product setups). Fifteen minutes after I unwrapped the box, I was streaming music.  I still took the weekend off, of course ;). The Sonos setup process couldn’t have been simpler and adding new components was equally straightforward. 

Underlying Sonos is a powerful software stack that creates a mesh network, allowing components to discover each other and talk to the cloud to bring you what you want wherever you want it. This combination of a powerful software stack, presented in beautiful hardware package while serving a market that is undergoing dramatic shifts is a compelling opportunity.

This opportunity is further augmented by another very compelling ingredient: the quality of the Sonos team. They have the best acoustic engineers in the industry, but they also have great software engineers (mobile and cloud). Sonos is headed by John Macfarlane who, in my mind, is among the more impressive serial entrepreneurs today. I first met John MacFarlane back in the late 90s, when I was at Onebox. He was running then and we were using their platform as a message store. Then we both ended up at Openwave where I worked for him for about two years.  There I observed his execution prowess, but more importantly – his uncompromising ethics and integrity. I learned a lot from him. And today, we are so proud to be investors at Sonos and to have the opportunity to work with him again.

The future is exciting for Sonos. We are at just the beginning of this disruption. If you are not yet enjoying music via Sonos at your home, you are missing out.