Emily Man


How do you view your role with portfolio companies?

I view my job as an investor as being an extension of their team, ready to roll up my sleeves and help get things done. Someone once told me that being a VC is a little like being a lawyer, accountant, recruiter, salesperson, and friend all rolled up into one.

What’s one piece of advice you have for portfolio companies when it comes to hiring?

Diversity in experience leads to diversity in thought.

I get excited by companies where the founder…

Knows all the right questions even if they don’t have all the answers.

How did your family shape your views on work?

My parents were part of the first wave of Chinese students to immigrate to the US with nothing, looking for a better future. They taught me that when it starts getting tough and the odds are stacked against you, you keep going.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

I spent a good chunk of my adolescence haggling in Beijing’s flea markets for sport. I also took a turn on the other side, helping a family friend sell clothes at their stall in a street market.

What is your favorite hobby/outside of venture, how do you spend your time?

Food! Cooking is how I connect with my heritage. In my free time you can probably find me at the farmer’s market, trying out a new recipe, or exploring a hole-in-the-wall restaurant off the beaten path.

Meditation or yoga?

A friend recently introduced me to box+flow—a class that starts with boxing and ends with yoga. The mix of intensity and calm feels very me!

I joined Redpoint because I wanted to…

Learn from a world-class team that works together to make things happen.

What industry are you most excited to see evolve and why?

I love the unsexy stuff. So much of the world is run on old code or siloed systems and I’m excited to see how technology can unlock totally new possibilities and make it possible to serve those that have been left out.

What is your favorite book / who is your favorite author?

I love Isaac Asimov’s short stories that tackle big questions about how technology and humanity interact with a wry sense of humor

People are often surprised…

How far out of my way I’ll go to pet that dog!

What job would you be doing if you were not a VC?

Working with color and texture as some sort of artist!

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