Adele Li


Why did you choose to be a venture capitalist?

I like deciphering ideas of progress through the language of the status quo. Venture investing takes what is fundamental today and applies a teamwork approach in advancing ambitious ideas.

How do you view your role with portfolio companies?

Being a founder can often be a hard and lonely journey; I like to be an advocate for our founders and listen and support them in any way I can.

I get excited by companies where the founder can…

Share their passions and convince others to join them on their journey. I love observing the ripple effects of entrepreneurship and its generational impact.

What industry are you most excited to see evolve and why?

I'm really excited about the customer success stack. We all are consumers of goods, games, services, and entertainment― I think vertically oriented SaaS businesses will enable companies to make better data-driven decisions.

Favorite quote or saying?

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”― Albert Camus

What is your favorite hobby/outside of VC?

I bake on Sundays! My favorites are kouign amanns, caneles, chocolate tarts, and sourdoughs.

What is the best trip you’ve taken and why?

I've had many memorable hiking trips but my recent favorite trails have been The Subway at Zion, Mount Tallac at Lake Tahoe, and Devil's Thumb at Banff.

What job would you be doing if you were not a VC?

I'd probably be an architect or city planner. I enjoy understanding how structures like parks, buildings, and sidewalks can frame the way people live and interact with each other.

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