Welcoming Our New EIR Justin Palmer


We are thrilled to welcome Justin Palmer as an EiR to Redpoint. I got to know Justin while he was the head of data at LendingHome. My former co-founder (who was by then at a new company) introduced Justin as one of his “smartest customers.” We immediately hit it off, as we shared a data-driven view on big markets and could bouncing fintech and machine learning ideas off each other.

Justin’s experience at the intersection of hard machine learning problems (computer vision, NLP, speech recognition) and fintech made him a great fit for the founding team at LendingHome. But he also isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He embodies the mantra if you can’t do it manually, you can’t automate it. This served him well when tackling hairy problems – building internal processes as well as novel underwriting models. Coming off an enormous market in residential real estate, Justin’s ambition for opportunity size and impact are off the charts. To top if off, Justin is incredibly down to earth and can frequently be found enjoying a beer watching a Warriors game.

Justin exemplifies bias toward action and, in fact, showed up in our offices a month early, after intending to take a short break. As he put it, he just couldn’t sit still.  Justin is in good company as he joins Redpoint’s rank of EiRs past: Jens Christensen (Jaunt), Javier Soltero (Acompli), Satish Dharmaraj (Zimbra), Andy Rubin(Android), and present: Evan Doll (co-founder of Flipboard), Mina Radhakrishnan (the first PM from Uber) and Jeremy Gordon (ex head of Twitter Engineering). Justin will be exploring fintech and machine learning applications, while he works out of our offices as an EiR.  We look forward to supporting him as he builds his next company.