Welcome Evan Doll

We are thrilled to welcome Evan Doll as an EIR to Redpoint. I have known Evan for 7+ years. A mutual friend introduced us when he was at Apple working on the first mail, clock and calendar apps for the first  iPhone.  We hit it off right away. We started throwing around product ideas back and forth long before I became a VC and we have been doing so ever since.

It’s no surprise that Evan conceived one of the most innovative apps on the iPad and iPhone. Flipboard created a new interaction paradigm and changed the way content is presented on mobile devices. In that sense, it was a seminal milestone in the iPad’s evolution. We have been friends since then and I have always been super impressed with Evan’s product perspectives and how humble he is.

When Evan took a sabbatical in the summer, we started talking about our mutual desire to work together. And after he was done spending some much needed time with his family, we both jumped at the opportunity to have  him working out of our offices thinking about what he wants to do next. Together with Mina Radhakrishnan (the first PM from Uber), Jeremy Gordon (ex-VP Eng from Twitter), we are blessed to have such an incredible group of founders working closely with us.