Riffsy and the Business of GIFs

Today we are excited to announce we’re leading an investment in Riffsy backing strong entrepreneurs like David McIntosh and Erick Hachenburg.  We are proud to partner and work toward their mission to improve communication, helping people express themselves.

There has been a tremendous rise of communication apps in our now mobile world.  Riffsy enables frictionless sharing of animated GIFs and nano (extremely short form) media.  Beyond flat text or static images, animated GIFs allow users to perfectly express a feeling, emotion or moment.

Enabled by the release of iOS8 and the inclusion of custom keyboards, Riffsy launched the GIF Keyboard to tremendous consumer adoption.  With more than half a billion animated GIF views from greater than one million downloads immediately out the gate, Riffsy has tapped into a consumer need.

Instagram demonstrated a picture is worth a thousand words. Riffsy enables sharing emotion which in some cases transcends words.

Download the GIF Keyboard and prepare to have your …