San Francisco is the new center of start up activity

tl;dr Start up fund raising is growing across the board and increasing in geographic diversity. The new year presents a great opportunity to look back at trends in start up activity and fund raising. Pitchbook has created a great summarization of start up funding and valuations from 2013.     We can see that aggregate dollars raised … Continue reading

A Look Back at 2013

Launched just 18 months ago by sister-brother duo Adora and Aaron Cheung, Homejoy has quickly emerged as the leader in the on-demand home services market. Read why we invested.A few months ago, Redpoint backed the CyanogenMod team on their Series A, and Scott Raney explains why we supported their Series B this month. Founded only … Continue reading

Twitter Is No Leap of Faith

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, it’s hard not to hear chatter about Twitter, the most highly anticipated initial public offering since Facebook. Skeptics abound, questioning the company’s fundamental metrics. Where are the profits? What will the price-to-earnings ratio be? What has this company done so far that could possible justify a projected valuation of … Continue reading

The Developer Economy: Power to the Coders

During the past week, I’ve been tapping out letters a 1921 Underwood portable typewriter that my wife gave me as a present. Sitting in front of it and watching the letter hammers pound ink onto paper reminded me that computer programming is still very new field. Not 50 years ago, prehistoric programmers punched FORTRAN code on punch … Continue reading