Duo Security: Making Advanced Security Available to All

Today we are excited to announce that Redpoint is leading a growth investment in Duo Security, an emerging leader in the two-factor authentication market. Dug Song and his team have architected an enterprise security solution that is elegant, highly effective, and easy-to-use and deploy. We’re proud to back such a renowned security team expanding the … Continue reading

Backing Collective Health

I don’t like my existing health plan.  I have good coverage and access to great doctors, but I still find the overall experience to be really frustrating.  Every time a member of my family sees a medical professional, an onslaught of mail follows providing a lot of data, but very little insight.  “THIS IS NOT … Continue reading

Tapping the Mobile Monetization Button!

  Today I am excited to announce that Redpoint is leading a Series A investment in Button, the commerce enablement platform built for the mobile app economy. We are proud to support Mike Jaconi and an outstanding founding team. With their deep knowledge of the mobile commerce space and their combined engineering and operational talents, … Continue reading

Why Redpoint Doubled Down on Infer

  When we consider investments, we look at a business’ market opportunity, its people, and its product. If the opportunity is big, the market is bound to get crowded because lots of companies will want to win in that space. That’s why at Redpoint, most of our investment decisions revolve around the people, and we … Continue reading

Moments in Time and the Trend of Social Sharing

  One of the questions I always ask myself when meeting founders is why is this person or team uniquely positioned to solve this problem? Do they have an obsession for finding the answer and understanding their user? When I first met Lee Hoffman he had been methodically recording every emotion, activity, place and thought … Continue reading

Riffsy and the Business of GIFs

Today we are excited to announce we’re leading an investment in Riffsy backing strong entrepreneurs like David McIntosh and Erick Hachenburg.  We are proud to partner and work toward their mission to improve communication, helping people express themselves. There has been a tremendous rise of communication apps in our now mobile world.  Riffsy enables frictionless … Continue reading

Backing Snowflake: Proven Leadership with the Right Technology at the Right Time

Today Redpoint portfolio company Snowflake Computing is introducing their Elastic Data Warehouse, a highly scalable data warehouse purpose-built for the cloud.  We believe the market opportunity for Snowflake to reinvent the SQL data warehouse for the cloud is enormous and transformative. Data warehousing is a $9 billion business that is in the early days of discovering the … Continue reading

Redpoint Backs BitGo

At Redpoint, we are strong believers in the potential of bitcoin to change the way transactions are conducted, both online and offline.  But this promising system of digital currency is still in its infancy, a reality that has been underscored by a spate of security troubles. In numerous cases, bitcoins have been lost or stolen … Continue reading

A Revolutionary Investment in Jaunt

Virtual Reality has been attracting a lot of interest of late, particularly in the wake of Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift announced on March 25. If you haven’t yet tried this new generation of VR headsets, you’re in for a treat. The immersiveness of the experience can simply blow you away. It is … Continue reading