Building brands, talent and world class companies here at Redpoint

I’m excited to welcome two new hires to Redpoint to boost our overall bench strength and serve as strategic resources to our portfolio companies. Hadley Wilkins will be leading Marketing for us and Amy Knapp will head up Talent. Between them, Amy and Hadley have a combined thirty-plus years of experience in the Valley leading marketing and talent initiatives for a range of emerging and established enterprise and consumer technology companies.

These are important additions to Redpoint. Throughout its fifteen-year history, our firm has observed firsthand how vital marketing and talent are to separating the good from the great. These strategic elements are also two of the hardest to get right. That is why in addition to helping on firm-wide initiatives, Amy and Hadley will also be resources to our founders and their startups at key moments in time. They will be able to offer everything from strategic counsel to introductions to their marketing, media and talent networks.

Both women bring with them a wealth of exceptional experience, which is why we are committing now to expanding our firm’s capabilities. Hadley, most recently, ran the technology practice for global PR firm Hill + Knowlton, a leadership role that built on the many years she spent defining brands and developing strategic messaging campaigns. Amy brings with her 17 years of talent acquisition and human resource expertise. For the last seven years, she spearheaded efforts to define, grow and execute talent programs at Google, Ning, and, most recently, Chegg.

It is no easy feat to find the right people to grow your team. At Redpoint, we believe we have. Welcome Hadley and Amy to the Redpoint team!