Satish Dharmaraj

Satish joined Redpoint in 2009 as a two-time founder and career entrepreneur. Some of the companies Satish has sourced and championed include Astro Technology, CloudSimple, Cockroach Labs, eero, Duo Security, LightStep, Nextdoor, Sonos,Snowflake, SpringPath and Noteworthy prior exits include Acompli (acquired by Microsoft), (acquired by Citrix), Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn), Posterous (acquired by Twitter), Pure Storage (IPO), StorSimple (acquired by Microsoft) and Zendesk (IPO).

Prior to joining Redpoint, Satish was the founder and CEO of Zimbra which was incubated at Redpoint when he was an entrepreneur in residence and later acquired by Yahoo for $350 million. He was part of the founding team at Onebox (acquired by Openwave for $850 million) where he led engineering and network operations.

Satish believes that one of the best things you can do as a founder and CEO is to keep an even keel across the considerable ups and downs of building a company. He advises founders to really know their investors in order to develop a sense of mutual trust.  

He serves on the Board of Fellows at Harker School.  Additionally, he loves Nine Inch Nails, Dave Chapelle and True Detective and is passionate about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.