Eliza Adams

Before joining Redpoint, you were an investment banker. What’s one of the biggest learnings/takeaways from that experience?
When you move from investment banking to venture capital, you first learn everything about what it takes to be a big, independent company and then work your way backwards, helping companies execute toward that goal. In banking, it was incredibly fun and rewarding to work with management teams through an exit— from traveling on a roadshow as they tell the company story or working on a sale to a behemoth public incumbent. It gave me insight into how big and successful some of these companies can become—and has helped me envision a start-up’s future earlier in its journey. What you don’t get to see in banking is all of the hard work put in before the company has “made it” — those early days of fundraising, business model transitions, and forming a well-oiled sales machine. That’s what I love about my role at Redpoint now.

Favorite quote or saying?

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
— Charlie Chaplin

What’s one thing people might not know about you?
I’m a big Motown fan. I love when a band throws in some hits from Stevie Wonder and The Temptations.

Meditation or yoga?
Running. It’s the best way to clear my head.

People are often surprised to hear that…
I took a year off before college to work and travel abroad. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. During that year, I was fortunate enough to intern in London and China, take language courses in Spain, and explore Europe in my free time. My favorite memory was hopping on a sleeper train and waking up at Oktoberfest by mistake.

Why did you choose to be a venture capitalist?
One of the reasons I took that year off was because, looking ahead, I felt there were so many possible paths my life could take and I just wouldn’t have enough time to try them all out. A similar curiosity led me to venture. I wanted the chance to meet with founders tackling an array of different problems and to dive deep into a multitude of different industries. It’s invigorating.

What industry are you most excited to see evolve and why?
Healthcare. I think it takes a certain degree of courage and commitment from entrepreneurs to create meaningful companies in this sector — they operate in an industry that’s lagged behind in innovation and been (historically) less receptive to change. A great product may not scale as quickly by nature of the industry, but the potential value creation is huge. Ultimately, all innovation is impacting the end patient’s wellbeing in some way, whether it’s directly improving the patient/provider experience or ends up helping to cut costs downstream. There’s nothing more exciting to me than supporting companies who are helping people live their healthiest lives.

Best part of the job?
I love getting up to speed on a new industry – many times in an all-hands-on deck, diligence sprint. It’s incredibly rewarding. I also love meeting with founders as well as working arm-in-arm with the Redpoint team—this team has some of the best collaborators. Our office fosters a collaborative environment, we actually all sit around one big table, which enables you to easily bounce around ideas and survey the group for additional perspectives.

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?
Red Notice by Bill Browder. The story is thrilling (and true!). It’s wild to see how an opportunistic investor becomes one of Putin’s top enemies and a central figure in what’s an ongoing, international political drama today.