Satish Dharmaraj


Satish Dharmaraj is a Partner with Redpoint Ventures. Prior to Redpoint, Satish was the founder/CEO of Zimbra which he sold to Yahoo! for $350M.  Before founding Zimbra, Satish was GM of the Messaging Products Division at Openwave Systems, responsible for mobile email, mobile unified messaging, mobile voicemail and mobile instant messaging product lines selling to large carriers and ISPs. Satish managed both the engineering and product management teams. Satish came to Openwave as part of the founding team at the unified messaging company Onebox, where he led engineering and network operations and sold Onebox to Openwave for $850M.

Prior to Onebox, Satish was at Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft Division from 1995 through 1998 where he was responsible for the conception, design and implementation of Java Server Pages (JSPs). He also led the team that designed and implemented the Java Servlet API.

Satish previously held several programming positions at IBM and Transarc Corportations. Satish has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Sciences and an executive management degree from the Harvard Business School.

Satish focused on investments in the mobile, consumer and cloud computing areas. His Redpoint led investments include:

Mobile / Social / Consumer Investments:



Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn)



Posterous (acquired by Twitter)



SaaS / Infrastructure Investments:

Zendesk (IPO) (acquired by Citrix)

StorSimple (acquired by Microsoft)

Pure Storage






Satish is also a member of the Verizon 4G venture forum and helps VZW look at mobile companies to invest/partner with.

Follow Satish on twitter @satishd