Redpoint invests in Big Switch Networks

Redpoint Ventures is proud to announce our investment in Big Switch Networks. We have been looking at data center architectures and how they are changing for a while now, being first exposed to that through our investment in in 2009. While selling private clouds, we realized how dramatically cost efficient compute could become — but at the same time we were constantly reminded of the limitations of storage and the limitations of the old networking architecture.

Since then, we have been searching for a team and an architecture that would usher in the next era of networking.  We were closely following the OpenFlow movement that was being led by Guido Appenzeller at Stanford University. Being strong believers in an open ecosystem, we knew that what Guido and his team were doing was the right way to build an open and extensible network architecture. We were delighted when Guido teamed up with Kyle Forster to found Big Switch. With Howie Xu, who led the networking products at VMWare in the mix, this was the dream team we had been waiting for. And we knew that OpenFlow and Big Switch were going to disrupt network architecture in data centers. This was completely confirmed in our various customer interactions where we consistently kept hearing how efficient, easy to manage and cost effective their solution was.

All of that is why we are honored to be partnered with Guido and Big Switch and to be able to participate in the disruption they are causing by their new open network architecture. We are just at the first innings of some big changes to data center architectures – and that is very exciting.