Pure Storage launches their GA product today

Pure Storage launches their GA product today after being hard at work for many many years. Redpoint is super excited to be investors in this team that is   re-defining storage. Every few decades, a tsunami of tech changes creates brand new disruptive companies. The time is now and Pure is the disruptor. Their  value proposition is very simple – what if a company could create software such that the cost of a gig of enterprise grade flash fell below the cost of a gig of enterprise grade disk? This disruptive price/performance goal seems unachievable but Pure has indeed achieved it. By layering an enterprise grade file system that includes state of the art de-dup and compression technologies on top of cheap consumer grade flash, Pure has delivered a disruption that comes around once a decade.  It’s easy to write about this on a blog, but to achieve this dramatic vision, Pure had to assemble the very best minds in systems software. We fell in love with Pure’s vision from day one, but we fell in love with the team even more. John Colgrove (“Coz”) is a visionary technologist who architected and wrote most of the early Veritas file system and, with Pure, re-architected a technology stack that renders the most disruptive price/performance ratio seen in recent times in the storage industry.  When my partner-in-crime from Zimbra and former CTO of BEA/Weblogic, Scott Dietzen, joined as CEO, it was clear that a formidable team was emerging behind this daring vision. We are honored to be working with this world class team that these two have assembled. 

We are excited about their launch and want to congratulate them on shipping 100 systems to customers even before their GA. They have supported production deployments for over a year and it’s clear that the market demand was real and there was no solution that could really offer this promise. This team has been hard at work for many months – but they never lost sight of their goal. In fact, they far exceeded their own lofty goals by every measure, and to top it all they have a real sense of humor as evidenced in this video.



Congratulations Pure team on achieving what seemed like an impossible goal!