Congratulations Heroku! Heroku acquired by Salesforce

We would like to congratulate both Salesforce and the Heroku team on the acquisition announced today at Dreamforce.  We started working with the founding team at Heroku in 2007 and during that time, we have been incredibly impressed with the phenomenal job they have done building a world-class platform for deploying and scaling cloud applications.  During this process they have established themselves as thought leaders in the platform-as-a-service space and have worked closely with developers to define a vision for how cloud platforms should work.  Heroku is building some spectacular technology that is helping to push the envelope in terms of what cloud platforms can do.  Along the way they have attracted over 105,000 social, mobile, and web apps to their platform, an extraordinary accomplishment and a testament to what a smart, committed set of entrepreneurs can do.  

It’s been such a pleasure working with Byron, James, Adam, Orion and the rest of the team over the past few years.  They have proven to be fantastic technologists, thoughtful product designers, and persuasive cloud evangelists and we have no doubt they will thrive as part of Salesforce.  We continue to expect great things from this team as they raise the bar in terms of what is possible on the cloud.    

We have been extremely honored to be a part of Heroku’s journey.  It is gratifying to work with a company whose customers so clearly love its products.  “The refrain ”Heroku is awesome”” has become common on Twitter because, honestly, Heroku really is awesome.  

Having been part of what we believe to be one of the initial chapters in the story of cloud computing, we’re more excited than ever to continue working with Heroku and other entrepreneurs to help define what is possible.

Congratulations to the Heroku team!  Amazing job!

Scott Raney, Mike Cohen, and the rest of the Redpoint team