Andy Rubin

Andy joined Redpoint Ventures in 2015. He focuses on consumer mobile platform and open-source opportunities for Redpoint. In addition to his venture partner role at Redpoint, Andy is the founder of Playground, a hardware-focused incubator.

Andy is the founder of Android, which has become the most widely adopted operating system in the history of computing. Andy incubated Android at Redpoint as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR). Google acquired Android in 2005, and Andy oversaw Android’s development as SVP of Mobile and Digital Content at Google. He then started the robotics and automation division for Google. Prior to founding Android, Andy was founder and CEO of Danger (acquired by Microsoft), a Redpoint-backed mobile startup that created the first always-on smartphone, the T-Mobile Sidekick, which innovated many of the features and functions people enjoy on their phones today. Andy previously held engineering roles with WebTV, General Magic, Apple, and Carl Zeiss. He has been awarded over 20 patents for his inventions.

Andy graduated with a degree in computer science from Utica College. Andy is a consummate inventor. At Google he modified a huge auto manufacturing robotic arm to stamp the Android logo onto a cappuccino in chocolate.