Accelerating Cloud Adoption

This post was written by Peder Ulander, Chief Marketing Officer of (formerly VMOps). builds a comprehensive, open source software solution that allows enterprises and service providers to deploy, manage, and configure cloud services.  Redpoint Ventures is an investor in


The cloud computing market is exploding.  More businesses are realizing the benefits of a cloud computing environment by extending their current IT strategy to include some level of a cloud architecture.  Yet for as many benefits that can be realized within a cloud, there are a number of lingering questions and concerns that are impeding on the broad adoption of this new computing paradigm.  Is it secure?  How do have better control over my applications and data in the cloud? Will it scale?  How can I integrate with my existing IT environment?  These are just a few of the questions we’ve heard over the past couple of years from CIOs and Architects from both service providers and enterprises. These are the needs that haven’t been addressed by the available technologies in the market.  This is where we felt there was a huge opportunity to address a growing market with a solution that accelerates an organization’s ability to truly become more agile, change their IT economics and embark on a cloud computing strategy that fits their needs from the start, not one that forces them to throw out everything that they have invested in over time.

Last week we came out of stealth mode and launched our company as  At the same time we announced CloudStack, an innovative, open source software solution that aims to accelerate an organizations ability to build, deploy, and manage a cloud computing environment.   What sets our solution apart is that we focus on delivering a secure, scalable, and comprehensive solution that can be delivered both within the walls of an enterprise (private cloud) as well as a new offering from a managed service provider (public cloud).  The significance here is that we can now offer a hybrid cloud environment that offers users the most choice, flexibility and portability of any other solution on the market.  Rather than being tied to one public cloud service, users can extend their private cloud based on the CloudStack to any of the public clouds managed by service providers that use the CloudStack as their foundation – knowing that there will be seamless portability between the clouds without many of the complexities (or lock-in) that users face today. 

A core tenant of our strategy and vision at is to enable enterprises and service providers to build a cloud computing environment that adapts to, extends and integrates with their existing technologies and IT practices. To that end, we’ve addressed some of the common needs and concerns around security, auditing and compliance, back office integration, and common cloud APIs.  We’ve also focused on future-proofing our cloud environment so that it can handle massive scale, whether it is a standalone public or private cloud, or a complex hybrid cloud offering.  We’ve also built in some interesting capabilities around availability and data control to ensure local, low latency performance of the application and self-healing capabilities that ensure that your data and application integrity remains in place.  You can find out more about where we differ by checking out the product information here.   

I’ll leave you with final thought on what we managed to deliver last week with our launch. is committed to bringing the benefits of open source and open standards to the cloud computing market.  Key to the success of our efforts is the community of developers, IT professionals and users who help make the product better by participating and engaging with the open cloud community.  We’ve opened up all of our code under the GPLv3 license and built a community portal to encourage people to participate.  You can get involved by signing up

We’re excited about this new stage in our growth as a company.  While we have launched with a very cool name, our technology is what makes it really exciting to be part of.  I would encourage everyone interested in cloud computing to join the community, or even just download the software and take it for a test run.