Acompli Acquired by Microsoft

From Incubation to Exit

Redpoint is proud to have worked with the Acompli team since the very beginning: from its time incubating here in our office to leading their Series A and now this milestone.  Acompli saw the massive opportunity to deliver a thoughtful solution for mobile email and was relentless in execution.
APUS Gains Global Traction

90 Million Users in Six Months

Beijing-based APUS makes applications to make it easier, faster and more convenient to use Android.  APUS has already gained 90 million global users within six months of launching its flagship product APUS Launcher. We lead the APUS Series A and we're proud to be return investors in APUS' Series B.  
Button Joins Redpoint Portfolio

Button Accelerates App Economy with Deep Linking

The emerging market for mobile app commerce is evolving rapidly and Button sits at the center of some of the most interesting challenges in tech right now.  
PureStorage Receives $3 Billion Valuation

Pure Storage Raises $225 Million at $3 Billion Valuation

Redpoint was proud to participate in this round again backing CEO Scott Dietzen and his phenomenal leadership team.  The valuation is an important milestone for Pure Storage as it represents the company's huge growth and disruptive technology.
Snowflake Joins Redpoint Portfolio

Snowflake Brings the Database to the Cloud

Snowflake Computing, a big data startup lead by former Microsoft executive CEO Bob Muglia launches out of stealth mode. We are proud to lead their latest funding round of $26 million, bringing the total investment to approximately $50 million.
Redpoint Backs BitGo

Bitcoin Just Got More Secure

We are strong believers in the potential of bitcoin to change the way transactions are conducted, both online and offline and we're excited to back Bitcoin security pioneer BitGo in its Series A.  
Just-Eat Goes Public

Just-Eat Debuts on London Stock Exchange

Just-East goes public on the London Stock Exchange and is valued at $2.44 billion on first day of trading.
Stripe Raises Series C

Stripe Valued at $3.5 Billion

Redpoint portfolio company Stripe raises $70 million at a $3.5 billion valuation.
Jaunt Transforms Cinematic Virtual Reality

Jaunt Launches Paul McCartney and Jack White Apps

Jaunt introduces original content to viewers with its first Google Cardboard app called Paul McCartney, a 360-degree, fully immersive playback of Live and Let Die. Jaunt is also collaborating with Jack White to bring his concert footage to VR.
Salesforce Acquires RelateIQ Acquires RelateIQ buys RelateIQ, a pioneer of intelligent computing that automatically captures data from email, calendars and smartphone calls through data science and machine learning.  
iDreamsky Has Nasdaq IPO

iDreamsky has Nasdaq IPO

iDreamsky (Nasdaq: DSKY) is the largest independent mobile game publishing platform in China.
Beepi Raises Series B

Beepi Raises Series B

After leading Beepi’s series A, we are proud to join their B round. Beepi is transforming the experience of buying and selling a used car so that it’s simple, fast and maybe even a little fun.    
Redpoint Funds Looker Series A

Behind our investment in Looker

Looker is the tool to drive the critical last step of big data adoption. Looker enables anyone within an organization to ask and answer questions of their company’s data. That’s why we invested. It’s rare for us to hear as persistent a refrain as the excitement among Looker’s customers, especially at such an early stage.  From a portfolio company which exclusively powers its operations-heavy business on Looker, to a travel company whose sales team adopted the product and became profitable overnight, Looker customers consistently operate their businesses more effectively with Looker.
Twilio Joins Redpoint Portfolio

Redpoint Invests in Twilio

Twilio is part of a broader trend towards services and APIs catering directly to developers. At Redpoint, we believe in the power of the developer in both early stage companies and large enterprises. More and more, developers are making critical decisions regarding the nature of the products they are building. Like Redpoint’s earlier investments in Heroku and Stripe, Twilio is at the forefront of this movement.
Infer Raises Series B

Redpoint leads Infer’s Series B

Infer leverages data science to help businesses identify their most valuable potential customers. It works by crawling historical selling patterns and matching it with the data on the potential customers available across the web.
Sonos Makes News

Our investment in Sonos

We're proud to be investors in Sonos and believe the company is creating and leading a revolution in the market for on-demand music.
Andy Rubin Joins Redpoint

Andy Rubin Joins Redpoint

Most people know Andy as the creator of Android.  Here at Redpoint we have also known him as a friend, business partner and collaborator for over twenty years. As a Redpoint venture partner, Andy is evaluating and backing companies with us, and we’re excited to see how he can help Redpoint founders moving forward. We’re thrilled that he’ll be a part of our team identifying the next great startups and working with teams to realize their full potential.
Collective Health: A Better Health plan

Collective Health

We are proud to back industry disrupters Collective Health.  Imagine a health plan that provides great coverage and access to the best doctors, while also providing an incredibly easy to use web and mobile interface to access coverage data, deductible information, and even anticipated costs of pending procedures, etc.  As an employer, imagine having the ability to build your own plans optimized to your employee base and offering truly differentiated benefits.
Luxe Launches On Demand Services

Expanding in new markets

The Luxe team team is transforming the $25B annual parking business and delivering an amazing customer experience.
Nextdoor Joins Billion-Dollar Club

New Funding and Major Milestone

The social network for neighborhoods has reached over 53,000 neighborhoods which represents more than 35% across the country. We're proud to be part of this company on its mission to make neighborhoods stronger and safer everywhere.